For the Customer
Do you want to get new reviews for your business?You will find all the answers here.
How to create an order for reviewers?
In order to place your task you need to register on the website as a CUSTOMER. Make sure that your browser supports geolocation services.

Step 1. Click Create Order button, and you will be forwarded to a screen with the map, where you have to select a proper location of your business.

Step 2. Use the search field to add all the relevant information about your business, including the name and the additional data such as the city, the address, the postal code and so on. Choose your busines from the options on the list. You will see a pin on the map showing your business. Click NEXT on the pin with your business on the map.

WARNING! If you can't find your business, make sure it's available in Google Maps and registered in Google My Business.

Step 3. Fill all the fields of the order, and click Send to moderation in order to start the process.

Step 4. Add funds to your account. In order to make it, please click Account and choose Add Funds option. You will be redirected to a page, where you can enter your credit card credentials. Here you can also find the information about the minimum amount of funds for the payment.
How to fill the fields during the offer creation process?
Fill in all basic info on order edit page

Order name. Create an order name. Something that is easy to use.
Available for search by reviewers. Choose this option if you want to show it to all the reviewers in the regions; otherwise, you will have to choose all of them manually.
Order description. Describe all aspects about your order. What exactly a reviewer needs to do? Stop in, buy a product, review service? We recommend omitting the business name here. So, only reviewers that are hired would see your business name later.
Location settings. Choose preferences for the location of the reviewer. You can choose a country or 50 km area around the place. You can also say that the location of the reviewer is not important to you.
Secret description. Use the secret description to indicate the information that is going to be shown only for the reviewers, who decided to take your order. It can be the name of the business, the detailed address, additional conditions etc.
Website. Include your website address. Only the chosen reviewers will be able to see the address of the website.
Number of reviews needed. Indicate the required number of reviews.
Offer time. How long the offer is valid.
Reviewer time. Reviewer time to complete the the job. If a deadline is missed reveviwer will not be compensated.
Customer time. Customer Time to go over all reviews and apply for correction if needed. After that time the order would be marked as completed.
Rate. The amount of compensation for the reviewer that will be held in your account after assigning the order to one of the reviewers. The amount will be charged from your account when you mark the order as complete.
Why my order was declined by the moderators?
Nicereviewer has a set of order moderation policies. The reason for refusal can be found in Rejected tab of the order details.
The Administration shall follow these regulations during the process of Order moderation:
The following offers shall be rejected:
  • Offers created to publish knowingly false statements and perform fraudulent actions.
  • Offers created to insult someone, or affect the dignity of a person or the reputation of a company.
  • Offers containing pornography and other explicit content.
  • Offers created to discredit both individuals and legal entities.
  • Offers with the content prohibited by Google Advertising Policies, namely:
    • Counterfeit Goods
    • Dangerous products or services
    • Enabling dishonest behavior
    • Inappropriate content
    • Abusing the ad network
    • Data collection and use
    • Misrepresentation
    • Restricted content
    • Adult content
    • Alcohol
    • Copyrights
    • Gambling and games
    • Healthcare and medicines
    • Political content
    • Financial services
    • Trademarks
    • Other restricted businesses
  • Orders with unclear or ambiguous definitions (at the discretion of Administration).
One can edit the order that was rejected by the moderator by pressing Edit button, and send it for the second review for consideration by the moderator.
How to assign an order to the reviewer?
1. You need to make your order visible for the reviewers.

When the moderator checks your order and approves it, the order will appear in the Active tab of My Orders section. When the order is public, all the reviewers are able to find it, and send a request to you to participate.

The number of reviewers willing to complete your task will be shown in the details of the order.
Open Active tab, and click More. You will see the list of all the reviewers willing to complete your task, as well as detailed information about them. Furthermore, you can use our live chat to contact the reviewers.

You can offer your order to all the reviewers, whom you like, by clicking Offer, or refusing it by clicking Deny. Every time when you accept one of the reviewers. The funds indicated in Rate section of the order details will be held in your account.

2. You are able to find the reviewers for your orders on your own.

In order to start the process of search, you need to click Find Reviewers. You will get the list of the reviewers in the region, which can be sorted by the reviewe rating.

You are able to offer the order to the reviewers, that meet your needs and requirements. They will be notified by the email, and will be able to make the final decision. You can also use the live chat feature to contact the reviewers.
What can I do if I'm not satisfied with the execution of the offer?
In case if you are not satisfied with the results of the order. When the reviewer markes it Done, you can choose to Send to arbitration button, and explain what exactly you didn't like. The reviewer will be able to make required revisions.

If you are not able to solve the problem on your own, you need to choose Apply to arbitration option.In this case the administration of Nicereviewer will check the situation, and find a solution.

In case if during the Customer time you didn't send an arbitration request, contact the reviewer and didn't mark the order as completed, the order will be finalized and the amount held on the account will be transferred to the account of the reviewer.
For the Reviewer
You will find the answers for the most popular questions here.
How to start leaving reviews with Nicereviewer?
In order to start using Nicereviewer as a reviewer, you need to have an active Google Account, and it would be really great if you are registered in Google Local Guides program.

Step 1. Complete the simple registration process for the Reviewer. In order to make it, you need to click Sign up with Google. Make sure that your browser supports location services; otherwise, you won't be able to register in the system.

Step 2. After completing the registration, Nicereviewer system will show tasks available in your region. Use Take Order button in Available to me tab of the browser.

Step 3. Thoroughly check the conditions of the order, and send a request to take the order by clicking Apply for button. The customer will be notified on the website and by email. After that the order will appear in I'm applying now section. In this section you can use the live chat feature in order to contact the customers, and get more details.

Step 4. If the customer approves your request, it will be transferred to In progress tab. After that you can start the execution of the order.

Step 5. Mark the order as completed by clicking Done. After checking the order, the Customer is able to approve it, or request revisions.
What information about the order is the most important?
Always read the conditions of the order to avoid conflicts and make the overall experience with Nicereviewer pleasant and memorable.

Order description. Thoroughly read the description of the order, and never take one, if you are not sure that you are able to complete it.
Secret description. Take a look at the secret description. The Customer indicated specific information visible only to you. Never share such information; otherwise, Nicereviewer will have to terminate all types of cooperation with you.
Number of reviews needed. While thinking about the execution of the order, take a look at the required number of reviewers chosen by the Customer..
Offer time. While thinking about the execution of the order, pay attention to the execution time of the order; otherwise, you can be too late.
Reviewer time. After being assigned with the order, you need to make sure that you have enough time to complete it. In case if you miss the deadline, you won't receive the remuneration for the execution of the order.
Customer time. Time required by the Customer to check the completion of the order. Please note that the Customer has to approve dozens of the orders, and they need some time to make it.

In case if the Customer is not able to check your order within the given timeframe, the order will be marked as completed, and you will get the sponsorship.

Rate. The amount of remuneration for the reviewer.
What to do if the Customer doesn't want to approve the order?
Step 1. Use the live chat to understand the demands of the Customer, and try to solve the issue.

Step 2. The Customer is able to ask for a revision. In this case the order will be moved to For correction tab. You will get an email notification. Try to revise the order, and click Done.

Step 3. If you are not able to solve the issue on your own, the Customer will be able to send the case to the arbitrage, and the administration of the system will solve it in accordance with the rules of Nicereviewer. In the majority of cases Nicereviewer tries to be on the side of the reviewer.

Step 4. If the Customer doesn't want to use the arbitrage, doesn't want to ask for a revision, or make any other actions, the order will be marked as completed after the time customer timer.
How to withdraw money from the account?
In order to get the remuneration from Nicereviewer, you need to have a debit card of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Uinon Pay, Diners Club systems.

Step 1. Use the real information to fill the Profile Page, indicating the credentials of your bank card.

Step 2. Complete the assignments, and get the remuneration right to your account.

Step 3. Click Withdraw Money, enter your bank card credentials and the amount for withdrawal. Click Withdraw.


Currently, one can withdraw the remuneration only to the debit cards issued by the US banks.

Please note that Nicereviewer has the minimum amount of funds for withdrawal. Please also note that the process of money transfer may take up to several working days.

In case if you faced any problems with money withdrawal, please contact the administration of the website at
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